TRENDS I LOVE: Accent Nail

Despite being a beauty and a new-found fashion lover, I don’t like to be too “trendy”.

For example, if I hear one more thing about MAC’s Venomous Villians line, I’m going to shoot myself.

However, I saw this nail trend on a blog a couple weeks (I forget which one, sorry!) that I’m in love with!

I love weird, quirky things. You know, things that make you look twice!

This nail trend consists of a base nail color and one nail a different color on each hand.

I like to keep them in the same color family, so here you’ll see I paired two neutrals.

To be more specific, I’m using Eyeko’s Rain Polish on most of my nails with Eyeko’s Posh Polish for my accent nail on each hand.

These are two polishes from Eyeko that I haven’t had any trouble with chipping, but be sure to still use a top coat.

Just for fun, I added some cute butterflies using my Konad stamper.

To be more accurate, my boyfriend stamped them on for me.

He is so much better at the Konad than I!!!! I love teaching him how to do things for me :o)


  1. I’m like you… As much as I love fashion and trends, I tend to play it safe. (I love what the ladies wear on SATC, but wouldn’t dream of wearing half the things Carrie dons!)

    One girl I know paints her left ring finger a different color. It’s a subtle hint for her man. Sneaky! LOL!

    LOL @ your boyfriend being a Konad Champion! My husband has to listen to me talk all the time about beauty products. He probably could write his own blog. Ha ha!

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