Lacy Lately ♥ Christmas in Vegas 2014

Well, it’s almost Christmas!

Catt and I decided to take a drive up to Mt. Charleston. Mt. Charleston is a 45 minute drive from Las Vegas and is the complete opposite of Vegas. It has trees, snow and a small population.

It was a wonderful mini-escape. We even stopped at the Mt. Charleston Lodge for Irish Coffees. ♥

Mt. Charleston Las Vegas Nevada

Mt. Charleston Resort

Mt. Charleston

BCBG Boots

Mt. Charleston Lodge

Irish Coffee

Mt. Charleston

Mt. Charleston

Mt. Charleston

Back to Vegas for a Night Out ♥


See you next time!

Lacy Lately ♥ December 2014

Hey guys! I know, I know… gone since September! Hopefully, you’re following me on Instagram because I stay pretty active on there.

Well, I have a really good reason why I was gone. I was busy getting married, leaving the country for my honeymoon and now I’m in the process of buying a home with my husband!

I’m sooooo ready to get back into making new videos and posts for you guys. Here are some pictures from our ceremony, honeymoon and just lately!

weddingWe got married here in Las Vegas at Red Rock Canyon Calico Basin Red Springs.


wedding 2


We had a fun dinner at Yard House at the Linq with all of our family and friends in town.

YardHouseLasVegasI had my favorite drink…. the Elderflower drink.

CozumelMexicoThis was right outside our hotel in Cozumel, Mexico. How beautiful!

CozumelMexico2I always enjoy losing myself in the beauty of the ocean. ♥




See you next time! ♥

Lacy Lately ♥ September 2014

Here are some snapshots from the past week or so.  Catherine and I went to Ghostbar at the Palms and had a lot of fun! Maybe too much! Because that’s a thing, right?

I’m generally a pretty quiet person and I’m definitely more of a bar/lounge than club person but every now and again you’ve gotta switch it up! My bachelorette party is in October, so I expect just as much fun!

20131026_200057Catherine and I at Ghostbar at the Palms


On the High Roller at the Linq

0920142032 (2)But first… #letmetakeaselfie

0910141012b (2)One word… obsessed.

0920141734c (2)Got my wedding dress. Great thing about a casual wedding, I can re-wear my wedding dress anytime :)

InstaSize_2014_8 _ 146693 (2)Peace out, Seacrest!

My Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine

As some of you may know, my wedding is in November! So of course I want beautiful skin, right?!

If you’ve been following my recent videos, you’ll remember I mentioned recently coming off the birth control pill. Artificial hormones are gross.

I’m experiencing a tad more breakouts than I’m used to but I have no fear, my new skincare routine has been helping my skin a TON!

If any of you are trying to improve your skin, I hope this post and video will help you find some new skincare favorite because they are rockin’ my whole world.





     My Skin Issues

I’m focusing on getting rid of the Melasma under my eyes. Boy, is it ugly! (brace yourself for the ‘before’ picture below).

I also want to focus on clearing up any clogged poors, which I generally get on my nose and chin area. Pretty common though, eh?

I’m going to be posting an update photo in about a week to let you guys know if my potions have improved my skin! :)

 what my melasma looks like under my eyes (be gentle guys!)



Okay guys, so my routine to lighten my melasma will mostly consist of some serious exfoliation and my Dr. Brandt FX Bright Serum.

This is my first time using Dr. Brandt, so I will be posting an update photo next week to keep you guys in the loop if it’s working. As with all products, I know they are a cosmetics surgeon so I don’t expect a miracle. However, I do want to see some sort of difference.

If you are trying to figure out how to get rid of dark spots, be sure to check back next week for the photo update to see how if there is a difference in my dark spots.

The FX Bright Serum is an opaque serum, which I’m not used to seeing! It has a little bit of what I would describe as a fennel scent, which you’ll either love or hate.

While the Bright Serum is my jam, if your issues are lines & wrinkles the Perfect Serum is target towards that. Or the Lift Serum for tighter skin and firming.

Dr. Brandt Skincare wanted me to let you guys know that they are doing a ‘Share and Save $10′ deal right now too. When a friend gets referred you both for $10 off. Not bad. ;)

Check out the video to learn more about my Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine.

1 Week Update!


I only used this serum under my eyes. I notice a big difference, right?!

FTC – Serums were sponsored by Dr. Brandt Skincare. All other items were purchased by myself. This in no way affects my opinion (i like to be an honest lady!) Some of the above links may be affiliate links.