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Hey ladies! Today I want to share the difference between two really popular ingredients in most acne treatments found at the drugstore. They are marketed the same but actually do two entirely different things to your skin, so you may be using the wrong product for the job! Grab a snack and let’s chat!

Salicylic Acid (typically clear in color) dissolves gunk hanging out in your pores that can harden into blackheads or turn into pimples. This is particularly helpful if you have more of a blackhead problem rather than acne, although it will help with pimples too. I also recommend this over Benzoyl Peroxide if you have more sensitive skin. Although both ingredients can be drying, Benzoyl tends to dry out the skin more.

Tip: Apply Salicyclic Acid to your nose at night to dissolve the common blackheads that end up hanging out there.  

Benzoyl Peroxide (typically a white opaque shade) breaks down the bacteria in acne. This is great for active pimples. Keep in mind that Benzoyl can bleach fabric (peroxide!) so when applying before bed, save your satin bedding and Wildfox jammies for another time.

With any type of any acne medication (and frankly no matter what!) ALWAYS wear sunscreen. Acne medications exfoliate the skin and make the skin more sensitive to sunlight. Apply the sunscreen last, of course.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on these types of products if you don’t want to. I picked up both of the products above from Target. In fact, the Clean & Clear (benzoyl peroxide) used to be prescription only. Does anyone else share the excitement with me that it’s everywhere now?

I hope that helps you better understand which product you need when the acne arises!

xo Lacy


Vitamin E Oil

I’m really obsessed with any product that super cheap and is multi-use. Vitamin E oil is for sure one of those gems.

This is one of my holy grail type products because it has so many uses. You can find it in almost every drugstore near the pharmacy area (think Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc). So let’s go over its amazing-ness!

More than anything, I use it as a lip serum. Whether you get the liquid or the capsules that you can pop open, Vitamin E is one of the purest lip conditioners you can use. Rather than use a lip balm that’s cut with a bunch of chemical fillers, try replacing your chapstick with Vitamin E. I also put this on my lips before bed. If it gets on my pillow case and transfers to the rest of my skin, I don’t have to fear a breakout.


vitamin e oil

Another one of my favorite uses: cheap under eye cream. That’s right. Apply underneath the eyes after cleansing the skin (PM only is best) and not only will it moisturize to prevent wrinkles but the antioxidants will help fight free radicals.


Lastly, mix a little Vitamin E oil with rose gold pigment (just a tiny bit!) and apply to the shoulders before a night on the town to seriously glow.

Do you use Vitamin E too? If so, tell me how you use it!

xo Lacy


If you don’t follow me on instagram (and you should), here are some pictures from my feed and a couple extras to help us catch before next weeks posts.

>>In Santa Barbara – I try to visit my bestie here as much as possible!<<

>>By the pool, I adore having my own pool finally!<<

>>Tote is from Class Pass, Toner Spray & Moisturizer from Derma MD!<<

>>Trying Aerial Silks for the first time at PoleCats in Las Vegas<<


>>One of my best friends, Samantha, and I at a park in Summerlin<<

>>This is an outtake from my Wanderlust Beach shoot!<<

>>and then I got hit by the reflector. It was windy she said…<<

>>We really wanted to hitch hike but nobody would pick us up<<

I’ve got some in-depth posts next week for a couple of my holistic beauty faves! If you have any post requests, please let me know ♥

xo Lacy