The linq las vegasTHE LINQ, LAS VEGAS



This past weekend I had my mom, sister, nieces and nephew staying with me. We went down to The Linq, which is a newer spot in Las Vegas. I love going there because I don’t think it’s as hectic as other parts of the strip but you still get a lot of people watching.

Yard House is my jam because they have so much variety and the Elderflower cocktail is bomb dot com. Don’t fall for the Sprinkles cupcakes trap. I was obsessed with the idea of a Cupcake ATM but I might as well have bought an edible rock.

I’ve been on the High Roller before, so if you’re thinking about going on there my only advice would be – make sure you’re cool with being that high in the air. Like really though, once you think you’re at the highest level it could possibly be, it just keeps going higher. There’s really a lack of seating for the amount of people inside, so if you’re afraid of heights and are stuck standing like I was, you’re in a bad way my friend.

Wanderlust Beach Island in the Sun CandleWANDERLUST BEACH – ISLAND IN THE SUN CANDLE

Mariah Carey Concert VegasMARIAH CAREY WITH SAMANTHA ♥

This Saturday, Sandra and I are launching Wanderlust Beach. This has been a true labor of love for us both. We have been testing and creating for well over a year now. While the launch may appear small on the outside, we have experienced ups and down to get where we are today with it. We are talking products that have been created and failed so badly, logos that have come and gone, etc.

Throughout this process, I’ve learned a lot. Don’t quit when things get tough. When you hit a bump in the road, that doesn’t mean you should abandon that road. It means you need to build up your strength and keep going. Learning from my mistakes has been the best teacher.

Above all, the most important lesson I’ve learned, it’s better to start small than not at all. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told myself I wanted to do something but had to wait until it was perfect. At one point, I had told myself that I needed to be in better physical shape before launching my own business. I mean, seriously? How do you figure?

Year after year will go by and you will accomplish nothing if you wait for the perfect moment. There is no such thing as the perfect time. You’ll always find a reason to wait. In reality, I have found myself throughout this process of forcing myself to start working on my dreams. This blog is one of those dreams.

When I first started blogging, this was strictly a beauty blog. I have no expanded into more of a lifestyle blog, a conversation of sharing my favorite things and my life with you. I find myself wanting to blog more because the topics aren’t forced.

On that note, I hope you’ll check out our website when we launch this Saturday. I’m working on a really amazing line of (can’t tell you yet!) that I’m really passionate about and feel that it will really be my focus. I’m hoping to launch it towards Christmas. I’ll keep you updated ♥


Hey babes☪

This past week I read a really life changing book. Like one of those books you recommend to every person in your life.

Like I mentioned in my post about feeling like I finally understood who I was, I was ready to start improving all the parts of my life I haven’t felt fulfilled in. The first one being, start getting really organized. This is something I’ve always tried to do but never fully devoted myself to it but this time I was ready for a concrete lifestyle change.

I had saved The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up to an Amazon wishlist a while back. Since it had amazing reviews, I checked with my local library and they had it on kindle to borrow, so I didn’t even have to purchase it.

life changing magic of tidying up

<side note: libraries have been my obsession this year. If you’re a big reader like me, don’t spend money on books unless you absolutely have to>

Anyway… long story short, this book changed my life and in more ways than just tidying up.  Suddenly, I also wanted to start working out more often and work extra hard on my company.

The author is a “tidying consultant” in Japan and focuses mostly on minimalism, rather than storage solutions. If you don’t own a bunch a crap, you won’t have a difficult time keeping things organized.

While I HIGHLY recommend you read the book, here are a few tips I took away from the book.

TIP #1 – Get rid of crap you don’t absolutely need. The author gives tidying a very spiritual meaning. She tells you to start with clothing, move to books, etc. With each piece of clothing, hold each one up to you and if it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. By the end of the process, you will only be left with items that ignite a special feeling, leaving your home to feel amazing. I have only done this process with my clothing closet and beauty products so far. The amount of clothes I purged was unreal. I actually felt like I had MORE clothing than before because I could actually see it all so I’m more likely to wear everything.

TIP #2 – There needs to be a place for everything. This sounds like a given, but do you actually have a permanent resting place for everything in your home? Do you have a special spot for q-tips, car keys, your bracelet, etc? Find a permanent spot for everything and cleaning will be as simple as putting the item back to its permanent spot when you’re done using it.

TIP #3 – Learn how to fold clothing properly. It almost sounds offensive, it seems so easy. But seriously, once I learned how to follow the author’s folding technique, I was absolutely giddy. Her method allows you to view all of your clothing upon opening a drawer. I still store my coats, robes, bikinis, slacks and nice blouses in the closet on hangers, but all tshirt, tanks, shorts, jammies, etc can be store in drawers.

Honestly, there are so many more tips I could share, so just read the friggin’ book. You won’t regret it. It’s such an inspiring read.

tidyinga small portion of the clothes I purged.
jeans drawermy newly organized jeans drawer.
shirts drawershirts all organized for easy visibility

epic weekend

Wanderlust Beach Candleswanderlust beach candles
kale salad

>>kale salad<<
Massage kale in fresh minced garlic, olive oil, fresh lemon juice and freshly grated parmesan.
Top with red onion, pine nuts and bleu cheese bits.

healthy fridge>>what my fridge is usually stocked with.<<

I like to use salsa for dressing, eggs on ezekiel for breakfast, fresh fruit for snacks and ALWAYS fully stocked on La Croix. (I try to avoid soda as much as possible) I’m also really into the Suja juices from Costco. It’s a really excellent buy compared to the Suja at Whole Foods.

Thanks for reading 😉


Santa Barbara, CA
Union Ale, Santa Barbara, CA
Union Ale, Santa Barbara
Union Ale, Santa Barbara


I headed to Santa Barbara last weekend with some friends to spend the weekend with Sandra. We had a really awesome time and went out Saturday night. We went to Union Ale, Casa Blanca, the pier and Whiskey Richards.

On Sunday, we had breakfast at a local golf course. It was so beautiful! It’s really breezy outside, so the cafe provides blankets at each table. What a nice touch!


Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
bold sunless

I’m a big sunscreen person and love using sunless self tanners. Since I knew I’d on the beach in Santa Barbara, I sprayed myself the morning of my road trip with BOLD Sunless Self Tanning Mist. This was actually the first time I have tried this tanner and the first time I’ve ever used a tanning mist (I usually stick to lotions). It seemed like it kept developing all day and I got a ton of compliments at how good it looked, which never happens. A couple people asked if I had nylons on. It really helped even out my skin tone.

My number one tip (and this goes for any tanning mist), press the button down hard. Otherwise it won’t spray out of the can evenly. I’m really in love with this one at the moment.

The kind BOLD team sent me an extra bottle to give to one of you! I know you’ll love it!

To win, head over to the Beach Blonde Blog Facebook page  like the blog FB page, share the contest image, then comment below the Facebook contest image “entered”. US residents only. Contest ends July 14th at 1PM Pacific Time. Winner will be contacted via Facebook messaging. Good luck! ♥


Santa Barbara, CA

In all honesty, I have really debated back and forth doing this blog post. Not because I’m afraid to be an open book (I usually prefer to keep it real) but because I didn’t want it confuse my newer readers.

I have some really loyal readers since my early blogging days, so they’ve seen my blog name changes, changes in my photography style, etc. So really, if anyone, I owe it to the people who have been reading my blog for years. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

If you’ve been wondering why you’ve seen changes, such a my blog names or the most recent change – the logo font of my blog, I really only have one explanation – my personal development.

I started blogging around the same time as a few other bloggers (blog buddies!) and these girls have really progressed and some have already made careers out of blogging (SUPER impressive!). These girls generally have all stayed blogging about beauty and never changed the style of themselves or what they were blogging about. In my mind, they’ve always had a pretty good idea of who they are and what they like.

Same with my close group of girlfriends. They have always seemed to generally know who they are. Sure, they’re style has evolved over time but the same overall being has stayed the same. I had a much more difficult time. I say difficult because it wasn’t always easy for me and I had a lot of inner struggle of who I wanted/thought I should be.

The real self-discovery journey started while living in Sacramento, CA. In trying to understand who I was and what I like, I felt a strong need to categorize everything in my life. If I felt like I was half-way decent at something, well then it must be my calling.

I loved makeup and I was pretty good at it, so I thought, I must need to be a makeup artist. So for the first couple years living in Sacramento, I did makeup artistry gigs on the weekends. I loved playing with the products, but hated actually working on other people. I thought I would learn to love it over time but by the time I moved to Las Vegas, I was completely burnt out.

When I first moved here (LV), I was working for a cosmetics company as an Account Manager. I actually really enjoyed working there (well, most of it). I was working on the business side of the beauty industry and it felt like a good fit. I was laid off and in retrospect, what I enjoyed the most was the business side of me came out naturally because I could gab about beauty products all day and my coworkers were pretty great. Still though, it was not my calling and I soon felt that when being laid off looking for a new career.

I really enjoy graphic design. I never went to school for it, but genuinely enjoy it so I thought, maybe my calling was to do my own graphic design/ social media management business. So I set out to build a website and start building a clientele. My first client was really great, but I realized that I like to create graphics incorporating MY personal style and hated making things to satisfy someone else’s style. Again, another venture realizing it wasn’t for me.

If you’ve followed me over the years, you’ve seen my blog name go from The Blonde Bunny (my teenager days), Makeup by Lacy (my makeup artistry days) and my final name change, Beach Blonde Blog. You’ve also seen me start out posting makeup looks, product swatches, etc., to posting more health posts than makeup, product reviews, etc.

Even my personal style has changed a LOT. When I started blogging, I had my lip pierced (nothing wrong with that, just not my style), wore a TON of eyeshadow and a lot of Wet Seal. When I think about my style over the years, I wore whatever the people around me wore. Wherever they shopped, I would shop. I went to clubs and would drink entirely too much and would go to parties at the Playboy Mansion every chance I got because I thought that’s what girls just did.

Then I moved to Las Vegas without knowing one person here (other than my husband). Hands down, my favorite part about living in Las Vegas, is that you can wear whatever the f&*% you want and nobody cares! It absolutely has contributed to me being able to find my true style. If I want to wear some leopard leggings with mukluks and a red top, I do my thing!

After years of a lot of inner struggle trying to categorize my personal style, who I want to be when I grow up and my blogging style – I finally know the recipe to who Lacy is. I’m really a quiet homebody. I like to go to bars with my really close friends occasionally and I adore traveling. I’m a foodie who loves to eat healthy 80% of the time. My personal style is …. whatever I want :) I don’t try to fit any specific category anymore, I just know what I like.

My blog’s post style will be changing a bit. From now on, there will be no stand-alone product review posts. That’s just not my passion. But I love to tell you about products I’m diggin’ in a conversation between you and I. The majority of my posts will be lifestyle posts. What does that mean? I’ll be posting pictures from my life that don’t make it to instagram, including beauty products I love with mini reviews, healthy meals I make with mini recipes, diy projects I’m doing, etc.

One of my best friends (Sandra) and I are launching Wanderlust Beach later this month. We are both so passionate about this venture and are doing it purely out of love. We want all of our handmade items to bring you joy and I’m confident they will. We will be starting up a YouTube channel in a few months that will be a lot of fun for us both and likely very entertaining.

If you’re struggling finding yourself, this is what I hope you take away from the post – you don’t need to categorize yourself. There are so many facets to humans. Do things that spark joy and you can never go wrong. ♥